The Flavour Stack FAQs

What does Autoship mean? How does it work?

Each month you will receive delicious meal ideas complete with recipes, shopping list and all the spices required for you to make your own gourmet meals at home. You have the option to select your own Stacks each month, or we will send out our Flavour of The Month Box automatically should changes not be made.

What is in a Flavour Stack Box?

A Flavour Stack Box contains 4 Flavour Stacks. Each stack makes at least one recipe – there is a recipe card for each meal. The meals have been created to feed a minimum of 4.

What is a Flavour Stack?

A Flavour Stack contains 3 meal-sized pods. Each pod contains up to 3 tbsp of YIAH/MSK products. The products are used to create a delicious meal that will feed at least 4 people.

How many meals are in the Flavour Stack box?

There is a minimum of 4 meals in each box and some Flavour Stacks provide extra ideas for any leftover product.

What are the costs?

Australia, Canada, USA
$20 per Flavour Stack Box (with 12 pods inside – 4 x 3 stacks)
Shipping: $7.50 for one box, $10 for two boxes, $15 for 3-4 boxes, $20 5-6 boxes.

New Zealand
$25 per Flavour Stack Box (with 12 pods inside – 4 x 3 stacks)
Shipping: $10 for one box , $15 for two boxes, $20 for 3-4 boxes, $25 for 5-6 boxes. Taxes are charged on shipping.

United Kingdom (My Secret Kitchen)
£10 per Flavour Stack Box (with 12 pods inside – 4 x 3 stacks)
Shipping: £4 for one box, £4.50 for two boxes £5 for 3-4 boxes, £6 for 5-6 boxes.

Do you have to pre pay for a set length of time?

No, the Flavour Stack autoship program is a month to month subscription you can then opt out at any time prior to the monthly date indicated on their subscription agreement.

How do I pay each month?

The charge is automatically deducted from the credit card you provided once the Flavour Stack autoship subscription has been completed.

How long will delivery take?

Initial delivery of your Flavour Stack: Flavour stack shipping will begin on or before Monday, November 9, for all countries.

After that - any new sign ups to the Flavour Stack Autoship/ Subscription Program will have their initial Flavour Stack Box sent out with regular YIAH/MSK service times.

The second month of their Autoship/Subscription will be as follows:

The deadline for making any changes to your Flavour Stack Subscription: December 5th (and every month following on the 5th)

Ship Date: December 19th (and every month following approximately the 20th of the month) your Flavour Stack will ship within your country.

Can I change my selections every month?

After the first flavour stack month you will have the opportunity to select your Stack Box (a set box of 4 Flavour Stacks) or receive the “flavour of the month” box. You make these selection by logging into your Flavour Stack account.

Can I sign up for 2 or 3 Flavour Stack Boxes in the first month?

No. The first month is always one Welcome Box. The following month you can order more than one Flavour Stacks and select your meals.

Can I gift a subscription?

At this time a subscription cannot be gifted. We are currently working on this feature and will announce when its ready.

Are there options for people with dietary requirements?

At this stage we have vegetarian options available and we are also working on more additions to the program.